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The requirements for licensing depend on the location where professionals work. Continuing education is not required, but these courses can help professionals continue learning their craft and keep abreast of industry trends. Some topics that continuing education classes may cover include marketing, creating a business plan, and maintaining a business license. Word of mouth is extremely important for wedding planners, so meeting as many people in the industry as possible, as well as potential customers, is helpful. Attending networking events can help professionals make the contacts they need to be successful.

This section discusses the job market for wedding planners, as well as the potential earnings. The site also outlines how much these workers make at different stages of their careers, as listed below:. There are several factors that can influence how much wedding planners make, according to Planner's Lounge.

Some of these variables include years of experience, services offered, and the location of the business. Although the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not compile data on the job outlook for wedding planners specifically, the agency does predict that there will be an 11 percent increase in jobs for all meeting, convention, and event planners between and —which amounts to 12, new jobs. This section provides information on how prospective wedding planners can pick the right school. Some of the factors to consider when looking for a program include the tuition cost, how courses are delivered, and how long to complete.

In addition, future wedding planners may be interested in programs that allow them to earn professional certifications.

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To find the right school, use the search tool below. The following are some of the professional associations that wedding planners can join to make these vital connections. Insurance agents should consider membership or attending the national conferences of one or more of the following organizations:. Membership benefits include networking events, job placement assistance, mentorship opportunities, access to a quarterly newsletter, and insurance. The association also provides certifications.

For over 25 years, this association has promoted high standards and professionalism among wedding consultants. To that end, the organization offers a professional certification and education events to help people in the field keep their skills sharp. Members can earn certifications, participate in professional development seminars and workshops, receive job placement assistance, and attend an annual conference to connect with peers. In addition, the organization offers a referral service, media relations assistance, and a magazine.

Benefits for joining this organization include education programs, membership meetings, and industry resources. Association that offers resources for wedding professionals, including individual and group insurance.

QC’s Wedding Planning course is ideal for students who:

Get up to date on wedding planning fundamentals like creating a budget, choosing vendors, and recommending themes, color schemes, and decor styles. Enroll at Ashworth College and you'll learn how to become a wedding planner—but that's not all. That means you'll have access to industry workshops and conferences, networking opportunities, insurance discounts, and other benefits to help you build your business and market your skills. So it's no surprise that the U. With an ABC membership, you'll save on various wedding vendors including caterers, florists, and more.

Build a contact list of clients, vendors, and venues to help plan a range of different types of weddings. Graduate in as little as four months, start your own business, and be part of a growing industry. You may be taking your first steps into higher education.

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Or you may be considering online study for the first time. Whatever your situation, we're here to guide you through the process and answer any questions you have. Our wedding planning course online is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the methods, procedures, and techniques that professional wedding planners actually use in the real world. Gain the skills to excel in the growing wedding industry. Learn the tricks of the trade through a flexible program designed for busy adults and stand out by adding nationally-recognized university training to your resume.

With convenient offerings both online and in-class, you are free to choose what learning option works best for you. Taught by award-winning hospitality industry veteran Joyce Scardina Becker. I enrolled in the program because I want to explore opportunities in the wedding industry. I completed the program in May and believe I am well prepared for my new adventure.

Become a Wedding Planner with an online course with Trendimi

I felt a huge sense of accomplishment upon completing the course. Before completing the course, I was blindly planning events. Now I have structure and guidelines that allow me to produce successful events. The knowledge needed to enter and excel in the challenging and rewarding field of wedding planning.

A thorough understanding of the myriad aspects of researching, designing, planning, producing, and evaluating weddings. The skills to work as an independent wedding planner or seek employment as a wedding and event specialist for a hotel, resort, caterer, or event management company. Where else can you find a career that constantly surrounds you with happiness and celebration? The wedding and event management industry is indeed an exciting and rewarding field. Wedding planners are able to lend their talent and creativity to an industry that is constantly bringing in new ideas and trends, updating itself with each and every season.

Wedding planners can expect to work on everything from budgeting and timeline development to selecting and managing bakers, caterers, florists, musicians, lighting designers, photographers, videographers, and more. Employment of meeting, convention, and event planners is projected to grow 11 percent from to , faster than the average for all occupations. Department of Labor.

As challenging as this class was, all the hours of studying and work truly paid off. I am now far more knowledgeable than I was before taking this class, and it has given me a competitive edge in this industry. Distinguish yourself from the many wedding planners in the field today by earning your Certificate in Wedding Planning from an accredited university.

Professional certification from Cal State East Bay informs your clients or potential employers that you have expert knowledge in all aspects of wedding planning and management. After you complete the program, there is a sense of pride and confidence that will take you through your work. During the program when you are working long hours and putting together your Staging Guide, take a step back and recognize what you have accomplished and this community you have joined. This is just the beginning, and this program can shape you and your business into what you want it to be. In fact, many successful graduates have used this program as a starting point for their careers.

Upon completion of the program, students have launched their own wedding planning businesses or secured leading positions with wineries, hotels, and private venues in their wedding and special event departments. Others have pursued their interests with caterers, rental companies, entertainment companies, or other service providers in the wedding industry as directors of sales. Your job possibilities are endless. I went into the program knowing little to nothing about the wedding planning and food and beverage industry, but I knew I had an interest in wedding planning.

I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from the program. It has truly helped me get jobs in that industry and helped me to succeed at those jobs. Having taken the online program, I didn't expect Joyce as well as Dana, her husband to be so hands on and involved in the program! Anytime I had any questions, Joyce was readily available to give answers, assistance, and feedback.

Even after the program has ended, Joyce continues to engage with us and sends us correspondence in regards to opportunities in the field! I was in the industry for over 8 years before I decided to enroll in this program. The program has made me understand many aspects of the industry which builds my self confidence which in return provides me with happy clientele.

Online Event Planning Course and Training

I would recommend this program to anyone starting out or anyone who has been in the industry. You will be shocked at how much there is to know! Have the flexibility to work at your own pace with the online format. The week course is offered in fall and spring semesters, so you can start the program when it best fits your schedule.

If you prefer learning in a classroom and working with the instructor and classmates face-to-face, the in-class option is ideal for you. This in-person course is offered on the Hayward Campus during the Spring semester each year. The course format is organized into six Saturday sessions over a three-month period, making it an easy fit for your busy schedule.

Each session is eight hours in length. In addition to participating in all in-class or online sessions of the course, you will demonstrate your wedding planning knowledge by:.

  • QC’s Event & Wedding Planning course is ideal for those who:.
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  • Become A Wedding Planner.

You can be certain that you will learn everything and anything that has to do with the wedding and event industry. Below are some highlights of what you will be learning:. Please click here to download the detailed course outline.